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Belarusian harvester manufacturer Gomselmash reports sufficient backlog of order

The current backlog of orders will keep the Belarusian harvester manufacturer Gomselmash busy till August. Work on signing new contracts is in progress. The facts were mentioned when Chairman of the Gomel Oblast Executive Committee Ivan Krupko met with employees and the management of Gomselmash on 25 February, BelTA has learned.
Speaking about efforts to secure more orders, Pavel Tilichenko, Deputy Director of the Marketing and Advertising Center, Head of the Marketing Office at Gomselmash, remarked that orders are being collected. “I think the backlog of orders will be filled to the annual capacity within the next few months,” he noted.
Gomselmash is intent on shipping goods to new markets. The enterprise continues exploring Africa. Gomselmash products will be shipped to Malawi in addition to Zimbabwe. “We are exploring the Nigerian market. As for Europe we intend to make the first shipments to Hungary and Poland. We continue looking for partners. We also have a branch in Latin America, in Argentina. It is growing. The Brazilian market is nearby,” Pavel Tilichenko said.
It was noted that virtually all the vehicles and machines are shipped to customers as soon as they are made.
Gomselmash is also busy constantly retooling its manufacturing facilities by buying high-performance equipment and machine tools.
The average salary stands at Br1,400. Assembly line workers are paid more than that. There are plans to raise the average salary as from March 2022.
While in the assembly and acceptance shop the Gomel Oblast governor asked the workers how they felt and what they planned to do. Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, the lathe operator Aleksandr Podosinov assured: “We are ready to work hard. Orders are available. We can handle it.”
The Belarusian holding company Gomselmash is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machines. It is one of the leaders on the world market of harvesters and other sophisticated agricultural machines. The company offers lineups of grain and forage harvesters, ear corn harvesters, potato harvesters, mowers, and other agricultural machines.